The documents in this section have been gathered or developed to support best practice in the School Based Health Service. They provide a range of information which can be built on over future months, and in no way reflects a comprehensive list of documents or requirements.

Successful School Health Services for Adolescents - Best Practice Review

The literature review was commissioned by CMDHB to inform future policy, programme and service development. The review identifies current best practice in providing healthcare to adolescents in the school setting. It is based on national and international literature available in 2005. It has been organised into four areas describing the important components of effective school health services.
• Wider engagement with school community
• Youth focus and participation
• Delivery of high quality comprehensive care
• Effective administrative/clinical systems and governance to support service delivery (Winnard, Denny, & Fleming, 2005) HERE

2017 Year Planner

This planner series has been created by the CM Health School Health Team to use a resource to assist management of the year 9 health assessments (Y9HA). You are welcome to adapt it so that it is a useful tool in your service.

Suggestions for how to use this planner HERE
Sample - initial planning for the year HERE
Sample - how to track during the year HERE
2017 Term 1 Planner HERE
2017 Term 2 Planner HERE
2017 Term 3 Planner HERE
2017 Term 4 Planner HERE

Are you a new parent or about to be one?

This booklet has been created especially for young people in Aotearoa New Zealand, who are parents or are about to become parents. While both young mothers and fathers can use this booklet, it has been made mostly for mothers. This is because there are more young mums out there than dads. It’s also because when young women become parents, there lives are often changed in different ways that when young men become parents. For example, many more young mum’s face the challenge of parenting alone and the major responsibilities that children bring to our lives. However, if you are a young dad, there is still a great deal of information you may find useful.
*Hard Copy ISBN 0-476-00505-1 (Auckland’s Women Centre, 2005)
Auckland Women's Centre. PO Box 78-271, Grey Lynn. Auckland
4 Warnock Street, Grey Lynn. (09)376 3227 Email HERE

Flip Chart: Sexual Health Resource

This flip chart has been developed as an easy reference for school nurses and other health professionals working with young people.
It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Policies and Guidelines that are also available on this website. It can be used as a teaching guide when with a young person as well as a reference guide for the nurse. Areas covered on the chart are:
• Confidentiality
• Decision making
• Contraception
• Pregnancy tests
• Sexually Transmitted Infections
• Disclosure of abuse
• Working with young men
• Sexual identity and orientation
• Female and Male anatomy diagrams
• Reference for referrals
Hard copies of this document are no longer available, however is available in pdf HERE

Improving the Health of Young People Guidelines for School-Based Health Care

Improving the Health of Young People is a practical, step-by-step guide to setting up a school-based health service. It is designed to assist health professionals and Primary Health Organisations who are thinking about how they could improve the health of the 12- to 18-year-olds in their population. The booklet takes a 'whole of school' approach and draws on the experience of a range of educators and health and allied professionals who are currently working in school settings around the country. Hard Copy ISBN 0-478-28258-3 (Ministry of Health, 2004) HERE

Infection Control

Collated by the CM Health SHARP team this set of basic work practices have been developed to protect healthcare personnel working in school based health clinics HERE

Keepin' It Real

This is a 'how-to' guide to youth participation, particularly how to include young people in decision-making. Following on from the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa the Ministry of Youth Affairs produced Keepin' It Real to help government agencies, city and district councils and community-based organisations involve young people.

Keepin' It Real describes how adults can contribute to the positive development of young people by creating opportunities for them to influence, inform, shape, design and contribute to an activity or project. Hardcopy ISBN 978-0-478-32339-9 (Ministry of Youth Development, 2009) HERE


A list of current legislation relevant for staff working in a SBHC – a link provides access to legislation as listed HERE

Making it happen... Strengthening youth development in schools

This resource (published 2005) aims at helping boards of trustees, principals and teachers apply the youth development approach within schools more effectively. Its development was the result of extensive consultation with a wide range of schools and educational organisations.
Based upon the six principles of the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa, it provides ideas about how the concepts of youth development might be used.

It is hoped these examples might stimulate further thinking about how schools might implement the principles differently. (Ministry of Youth Development, 2005) HERE

New Zealand Guidelines Group

Sexual and Reproductive Health

The MoH has developed this resource book to support the Minister of Health’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy. Improved sexual and reproductive health is one of the objectives of the New Zealand Health Strategy. (Ministry of Health, 2003) HERE

Who Counts? Young people out of systems in Counties Manukau

A report to inform planning for better youth health outcomes This report is based on a 2006 Scoping Project for Counties Manukau District Health Board and estimates:
1. Numbers of young people (under 16 years) in Counties Manukau who are not enrolled in school, alternative education, teen parent units or other registered schools and are not in Child Youth and Family Residences
2. Health issues for young people who are out of these systems (Fleming, 2006) HERE

Young Males:
Strengths-Based and Male-Focused Approaches

This literature review (a review of the research and best evidence, 2004) is intended to be useful to anyone thinking about developing programmes for young men. It identifies a number of areas where the experiences, feelings and behaviours of young males differ from those of young females.

The findings are presented in two sections:
an analysis of types of programmes provided for young men the identification of male characteristics, tendencies and behaviours. ISBN 0-478-25019-3 (Ministry of Youth Development, 2004) HERE

Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa

This is about how government and society can support young women and men aged 12 to 24 years inclusive to develop the skills and attitudes they need to take part positively in society, now and in the future.

The Strategy is about how government and society can support young women and men aged 12 to 24 years inclusive to develop the skills and attitudes they need to take part positively in society, now and in the future. The YDSA consists of a vision, principles, aims and goals, and also suggests actions that can be taken to support the positive development of young people. The principles of 'youth development' outline what the youth development approach is all about. They can be used as a checklist and a tool for developing youth policies and programmes and in working alongside young people. ISBN 0-478-25004-5 (Ministry of Youth Affairs, 2002) HERE

Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa flye

An A4 (2 side) summary of the YDSA vision, principles, aims and goals is available as a flyer HERE

Youth Health – A guide to Action

Improving the health and wellbeing of young New Zealanders is an investment in the future.
Youth Health: A Guide to Action proposes a plan of action to improve the health of New Zealand's 12 to 24 year olds. It sets out goals, objectives and specific actions aimed at doing this. ISBN 0-478-27095-X (Ministry of Health, 2002) HERE

Youth Sexual Health: "Our Health, Our Issue"

A hard-hitting report from the New Zealand Parliamentarians' Group on Population and Development (NZPPD) calls on the government to act now to prioritise youth sexual and reproductive health HERE

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