The AIMHI data base Pupil - 'keeping an eye on youth health' is a result of a Counties Manukau District Health Board initiative in partnership with the Auckland School Nurses Group and Data Synthesis Ltd. The Pupil system is a tool designed to assist the practitioner to plan, record and report on health and wellbeing in Schools. There are two systems; one is hosted within the school network, and the data remains private to the school, and a web based application hosted by datacom, one of New Zealand's leading network hosts.

We would like to acknowledge all those people who have contributed to this project by generously giving their time and expertise. Key contribution has come from representatives from the Auckland School Nurses Group in particular all AIMHI nurses. The writing committee consisted of Gilli Sinclair, Craig Evans, Debbie Greenwood, Jude Woolston, Karlynne Earp, Diana Verrall, Phillipa Bennetts and Dianne Dawson. An external review was completed in 2006 by Professor Richard McKenzie, to whom we extend our gratitude and acknowledge his wisdom and valuable contribution.

For the school based version, contact Craig HERE. Like all tools it will only do the job required if it used in the correct manner. With this in mind we strongly recommend you print and read through the accompanying manual and enroll for HEADSS (Youth Health Training) and Pupil AIMHI Database training and make sure that you are completely familiar with the programme before commencing.

For the web based version, sign up at HERE

User Licence Agreement

A license agreement is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and Data Synthesis/Counties Manukau District Health Board. By installing, copying, downloading, accessing or otherwise using the software product, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement you may not use or copy the software product HERE

Pupil Data Base Administrator Manual. Version 4.55

This guide accompanies the pupil user manual and is intended for the administrator of the system. Before Pupil system can be used the various configurations and settings with the system should be reviewed and updated where necessary (Evans, 2007) HERE

Pupil Database User Manual. Version 4.55

This document is for people who will be entering the data into the system and running the reports. It assumes the system has been installed and that clinic and other information has already been updated by your administrator (Evans, 2007) HERE

Pupil Database User Manual Updates. Version 4.55 HERE

Pupil Data System Set Up. Version 4.55

To assist the IT administrator with the first application/set up of the Pupil in their clinical setting (Evans, 2007) HERE

Pupil Web Administrator Manual 2011

This manual gives and overview of Pupil Web for the regisgtered nominated lead nurse of the school clinic and is to be used in conjunction with the User Manual HERE

Pupil Web User Manual 2011

This manual is for registered users of the programme and assists the user to enter data and create reports HERE

Pupil AIMHI Database Assessment Questions

The assessment provides the opportunity of assessing the health needs social needs of a student in order to facilitate access to services. The questions within this assessment are guides only and provide a prompt for those undertaking the assessment. They are not designed to be asked as stated (AIMHI Nurses, 2005) HERE


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