BEST PRACTICE: Sexual Health

The New Zealand Sexual Health Society Best Practice Guidelines
These Best Practice Guides have been produced by NZSHS, with funding from the Ministry of Health. Every effort has been taken to ensure that the information in these resources is correct at the time of publishing (July 2012).

Principals of Sexual Health Care

Sexual Health Check HERE  
Partner Notification Guideline HERE Partner Notification Patient Info HERE

Management of Sexual Health Conditions

Management Patient Information
Chlamydia Guideline HERE Chlamydia Patient Information HERE
Epididymo-orchitis Guideline HERE Epididymo-orchitis Patient Info HERE
Genital Herpes Guideline HERE Genital Herpes Patient Information HERE
Genital Skin Lesions Summary HERE    
Genital Ulcer Disease Summary HERE    
Genital Warts Guideline HERE Genital Warts Patient Information HERE
Gonorrhoea Guideline HERE Gonorrhoea Patient Information HERE
PID Guideline HERE PID Patient Information HERE
Trichomoniasis Guideline HERE Trichomoniasis Patient Information HERE
Urethritis Guideline HERE Urethritis Patient Information HERE
Vaginal Discharge Summary HERE    

Acknowledgements HERE

Reviewed November 2012
Updated June 2016

Best Practice
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